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New York City
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My mission is to bring a mindful, joyful fitness experience to every BODY. Triple Sweat Fit is about bringing body, mind, and spirit together in whatever workout you choose to do. Fitness can be empowering, fun, enjoyable AND sweaty! My classes range from ballet barre to boot camps full of burpees! I love them both. My certifications include ACE Personal Training, ACE Certified Youth Fitness Specialist, AFAA Group Fitness, Zumba, Strong by Zumba, Penalty Box Fitness, Basic Kettlebell training, ACE certified Sports Nutrition, Functional Training, Foam Rolling, Spinning (Mad Dogg Athletics) and Dance - Jazz, Ballet, Cardio Dance, and Barre.   I enjoy 1:1 personal training and have been very successful in creating experiences that focus balance, flexibility, and overall body conditioning.  I am currently studying to get my ACE Specialist certificates in Plant Based Sports Nutrition and Functional Fitness (more functional fitness!).

Fitness activities
Circuit TrainingStrength Training / ConditioningFunctional TrainingFitness ClassesBoot CampsCorporate WellnessFitness 50+ / SeniorsGroup FitnessSpinningCore ConditioningUnder 16 FitnessFlexibility & MobilityBody Sculpting
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